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"Every girl has that one girl that they think is so flawless and has the best wardrobe and the best personality and is the prettiest girl in the room, but have you ever realized that you might be that girl for someone else?" - Beatrice Miller


1. Stop buying their favorite foods. Stop keeping their favorite drinks in the fridge. Stop making their favorite meals. Order pizza every night if you have to. If you want to. Wipe the grease on your pants and don’t think about what they would think.

2. Stop listening to the music they introduced you to. Flood it with everything you loved before you met them, all of the new things and all of the songs they hated. Especially listen to the songs you stopped playing when they told you they hated it before listening to the message.

3. Love yourself.

4. Cry. But don’t call them to make you feel better. Don’t tell them you’re crying. Cry so big, so hard, so much, you have to flip your pillow over to continue crying on dry surface. Hold yourself and try to keep your heart from falling out of your chest. Try to keep your bones from breaking when you curse their name louder than you knew you could.

5. Dance by yourself. Dance as if no one is looking because the only person you ever really wanted to impress doesn’t matter anymore. Dance because dancing is fun. Dance because your legs were made for more than running after people who don’t deserve your love or your energy.

6. Love yourself more than you ever loved another person.

7. Watch movies alone. Stay away from anything you ever watched with them. Watch all of the movies you wanted to see, but sacrificed because they really wanted to see that chick flick or that Marvel movie. Watch your favorite movie 100 times without even getting up to pee. There’s no one there to ask you to stop repeating the lines. No one there to mock your love for Disney movies. It’s just you. And that’s okay.

8. Buy a package of cupcakes and eat all 6 in one day.

9. Love yourself so much that you realize you never needed anyone to love you. Love yourself and all of your flaws. Love yourself so much there’s no room to love people who don’t bring light to your life.

- How to unlove someone. (via inksplatteredpalms)